Vesela Tanaskovic

Vesela Tanaskovic

Aphropean Partners is proud to present Vesela Tanaskovic.

Vesela Tanaskovic joins a panel of leading experts and practitioners to share her insights on Making Sense and Profit of Sustainable Agriculture on the fourth engagement series of #FOD17 Frontiers of Dialogue held on 9 November in Vienna, Austria.

Vesela Tanaskovic is an award-winning architectural engineer, and founder of Afforest4Future, an enterprise that makes agroforestry fields out of the desert sand with a pending patent of this transportation system.

Presently advising the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission, Vesela Tanaskovic is working on her PhD degree with a focus on sustainable transportation systems for desert greening. At the technical university of Vienna, she is researching the areas of geoengineering, afforestation and (eco)system design to compliment her consultancy at Afforest4Future.

She demonstrates a clear passion to providing solutions for the impending scarcity of food and water, unemployment, extreme temperatures, desertification, governance, technology employment in the Middle East and Africa.

In her own words: “My Massive Transformative Purpose MTP, in life, is to terraform the Earth. Make the Sahara Desert green again, with abundant food forest ecosystems and from there terraform Mars, once Elon has colonized it.”