Thomas Kukovec

Thomas Kukovec

Aphropean Partners is proud to present Thomas Kukovec.

Thomas Kukovec shares his experiences and insights on  Making Sense and Profit of Sustainable Agriculture at the 4th Frontiers of Dialogue. In sponsorship of Knowledge City, Aphropean Partners hosts the #FOD17 engagement series to learn and exchange knowledge on profitable sustainability business and initiatives. 

As a biology student, he voluntarily engaged in environmental and conservation campaigns across the globe. This experience deeply forged his personality and insights on the polemics that replaced policy making.

After spending several years as a crop protection- and trial farm manager for an Austrian agri-holding group, Thomas Kukovec recognised the underserved sector of sustainable tropical- and dryland farming. This experience led him to establish a coffee cultivation- and trade business with partners in Uganda, which he later converted into a Conservation Farming & Climate Smart Agriculture Consultancy. However, as he was offered to build up the African market for Technik-plus, an Austrian technical agribusiness, he took up the challenge to finally export Austrian know-how and technology to Africa.

In addition to his role as business development regional manager for the Middle East and Africa, Thomas Kukovec co-initiated the World Organization for Conservation- and wildlife-friendly Family Farming (WOCFF), a global network of creative thinking agronomists, sharing and debating new and old farming methods.

Thomas Kukovec keenly supports the mechanisation of African agriculture with attention to the local conditions, such as tribal traditions, nature, and environment. He advocates the belief that the age of development is over. “We don’t need your patronizing well-meaning pity“, he likes to cite the quote by Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Thomas Kukovec believes the approach towards Africa is outdated and argues that it is finally time for an economic cooperation – a partnership based on mutual interests and benefits. /