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Thomas Kukovec

Thomas Kukovec

Aphropean Partners is proud to present Thomas Kukovec.

Thomas Kukovec joins a panel of leading experts and practitioners to share his insights on Making Sense and Profit of Sustainable Agriculture on the fourth engagement series of #FOD17 Frontiers of Dialogue held on 9 November in Vienna, Austria.

As a biology student, he voluntarily engaged in environmental and conservation campaigns across the globe. This experience deeply forged his personality and insights on the polemics that replaced policy making.

After spending several years as a crop protection- and trial farm manager for an Austrian agri-holding group, Thomas Kukovec recognised the underserved sector of sustainable tropical- and dryland farming. This experience led him to establish a coffee cultivation- and trade business with partners in Uganda, which he later converted into a Conservation Farming & Climate Smart Agriculture Consultancy. However, as he was offered to build up the African market for Technik-plus, an Austrian technical agribusiness, he took up the challenge to finally export Austrian know-how and technology to Africa.

In addition to his role as business development regional manager for the Middle East and Africa, Thomas Kukovec co-initiated the World Organization for Conservation- and wildlife-friendly Family Farming (WOCFF), a global network of creative thinking agronomists, sharing and debating new and old farming methods.

Thomas Kukovec keenly supports the mechanisation of African agriculture with attention to the local conditions, such as tribal traditions, nature, and environment. He advocates the belief that the age of development is over. “We don’t need your patronizing well-meaning pity“, he likes to cite the quote by Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Thomas Kukovec believes the approach towards Africa is outdated and argues that it is finally time for an economic cooperation – a partnership based on mutual interests and benefits.

www.technik-plus.eu / www.thomaskukovec.com

Vesela Tanaskovic

Vesela Tanaskovic

Aphropean Partners is proud to present Vesela Tanaskovic.

Vesela Tanaskovic joins a panel of leading experts and practitioners to share her insights on Making Sense and Profit of Sustainable Agriculture on the fourth engagement series of #FOD17 Frontiers of Dialogue held on 9 November in Vienna, Austria.

Vesela Tanaskovic is an award-winning architectural engineer, and founder of Afforest4Future, an enterprise that makes agroforestry fields out of the desert sand with a pending patent of this transportation system.

Presently advising the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission, Vesela Tanaskovic is working on her PhD degree with a focus on sustainable transportation systems for desert greening. At the technical university of Vienna, she is researching the areas of geoengineering, afforestation and (eco)system design to compliment her consultancy at Afforest4Future.

She demonstrates a clear passion to providing solutions for the impending scarcity of food and water, unemployment, extreme temperatures, desertification, governance, technology employment in the Middle East and Africa.

In her own words: “My Massive Transformative Purpose MTP, in life, is to terraform the Earth. Make the Sahara Desert green again, with abundant food forest ecosystems and from there terraform Mars, once Elon has colonized it.”


Making Sense & Profit of Sustainable Agriculture

Making Sense & Profit of Sustainable Agriculture


Frontiers of Dialogue

Making Sense and Profit of Sustainable Agriculture

Thursday 9 November 2017, 18:00-21:30
Salon Razumovsky, Vienna

What does agriculture have to do with sustainability business? Everything.
Agriculture is the common thread which holds the global goals together;  from protecting society, our health and animal welfare to preserving the environment.

Salon-Razumovsky Frontiers of Dialogue location

Aphropean Partners in collaboration with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Technology, and Engineering Management Society IEEE TEMS invites you to be part of an inclusive conversation.

We’ll explore high growth potentials and various pathways to the green industrialisation of Africa.

At this Frontiers of Dialogue, we’ll discuss the opportunities relevant to sustainable agriculture, along with the technological and market changes in Africa.

We have invited a distinguished panel representing the Austrian academia and private sector who will be sharing their sustainability initiatives in Africa. These individuals are incredibly valuable sources of knowledge and even better, can help you and your enterprise avoid the same mistakes they made.

The #FOD17 Panellists

Thomas Kukovec
Technik-Plus – Carbon Farming Austria
Business Development Regional Manager MENA & Sub-Saharan Africa

Vesela Tanaskovic
Afforest 4 Future
Entrepreneur, Architectural Engineer and PhD student

Additional Panellists to be announced shortly.

What’s on the agenda?

An engaging dialogue between experts of sustainable business, science & technology with Africa experience in a relaxed and intimate setting.

In order to successfully, expand your market to Africa, you need to understand the business conduct and market demands fully. Those of you who have already attempted trading in Africa: what your business did to be successful in the past might not be ideal in the future. Africa is connected and enlightened today more than ever before.

It appears that the highest growth potential in Africa is in the sectors of agriculture, agro-processing and services. Technological advancement and market changes have made it possible to drive the green industrial revolution

We’ll learn about the opportunities and challenges of sustainable agriculture in developing countries.

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What’s the point?

At this #FOD17 evening, we’ll learn about the opportunities and challenges of sustainable agriculture in the developing world.

Take into consideration the population rate in economically challenged countries. Now more than ever, the world needs more job creation, food, water and land availability. What drives the success of entrepreneurial companies that sustainably produce agricultural products and services? How can Green Technology and Innovations help build a healthy ecosystem? Which business models are proven successful in Africa’s emerging markets? Why is impact investing crucial to the sustainable agriculture sector?

We will look into practices and strategies to understand what drives success in agricultural innovations and greentech.

If you are interested in the business of sustainability for development, this is a brilliant opportunity to meet amazing people, exchange views and learn. We may not solve the world’s problems by the end of the evening, but our conversations may be the most inspiring.

The evening will be casual and filled with a variety of people sharing a common interest in the Africa-EU relation to stem migration, create a skilled workforce and reduce the reliance of foreign aid among other matters. We place emphasis on promoting leaders of thought and practice with Africa experience.

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