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The Role of Women in Economic Development

The Role of Women in Economic Development

Aphropean Partners in collaboration with Frau im ÖGV (Österreichischer Gewerbe Verein), Club Alpha (A Political Academy for Women) and Frau in der Wirtschaft invites you to be part of an exclusive networking and information evening event in celebration of International Women’s Day.

This evening event brings together professional women (and men) with interest on related internationalisation strategies of business and government.


Professional women building robust global partnerships view international business networks and social ties as crucial assets, particularly those active in male dominated industries. There is an abundance of scientific evidence that demonstrates women supercede men in emotional intelligence. This fact links strongly with the ability to grow contacts diplomatically, to nurture diverse networks and efficiently deal with culture-specific expectations and practices.  

Applying the fundamental principles of good business practices when trading internationally is key for driving development and growth. It takes a balanced mix of information, innovation and networking to boost exports, manage productivity, and apply sustainability for international business and economic development.

Frontiers of Dialogue will explore The Role of Women in Economic Development.

The Panel will discuss:

– What is the role of business and science in pushing for international collaboration?
– How are female leaders implementing their internationalisation strategy?
– Does international education, knowledge and experience influence economic development?
– How to manage diversity for a culture of innovation
– Essential steps to networking successfully


Maria Rauch-Kallat
Management Consultant, Former Austrian Federal Minister


The event will feature the 5th Frontiers of Dialogue, a panel discussion series to promote and exchange experiences of positioning women in Austria as effective international business partners. (Panellist speakers are in alphabetical order)

Rita Isiba
Founding Director, Aphropean Partners (Moderator)

Sabine Jungwirth
Federal Speaker, Grünen Wirtschaft

H.E. Vivian N.R. Okeke
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Austria and Slovenia

Eva Schinkinger
Managing Director, Gebauer & Griller

Tanja Sternbauer
Co-Founder, Female Founders


1730  Registration and Welcome Notes

1800  Welcome Notes by Aphropean Partners and Forum Frau im ÖGV

1815  Keynote by Maria Rauch-Kallat, Former Austrian Federal Minister

1830  Presentation by H.E. Helen Eduards, Ambassador of Sweden

1845  Frontiers of Dialogue on The Role of Women in Economic Development (in English)

2000  Strategic networking and refreshments

2130  Presentation by sponsor partners and an exclusive sweepstake

2200  Abendausklang


In 1872, Kaiser Franz Joseph I. Men launched Palais Eschenbach as a community house for men with organisational initiative, entrepreneurial drive, inventive spirit and a sense of responsibility for public policy. These men help shape the course of history. 

Now, the Ladies Lead United on 7 March 2018 at Palais Eschenbach, Eschenbachgasse 11, A-1010 Vienna, Austria

Palais Eschenbach

Enquiries to: events@aphropean.com

Corporate Social Responsibility Across Borders

Corporate Social Responsibility Across Borders


Frontiers of Dialogue

CSR Across Borders: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

Thursday 21 September 2017, 18:00-21:30
Salon Razumovsky, Vienna

Today’s global marketplace increasingly explores opportunities to trade with emerging markets.

Salon-Razumovsky Frontiers of Dialogue location

Aphropean Partners in collaboration with IEEE TEMS (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Technology, and Engineering Management Society) invites you to be part of an inclusive conversation.

At this Frontiers of Dialogue, we’ll discuss the options of bridging the sustainable business divide between Austria and Africa.

We have invited a distinguished panel representing the academia, public and private sector who will be sharing their sustainability initiatives in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. These individuals are incredibly valuable sources of knowledge and even better, can help you and your enterprise avoid the same mistakes they made.

The #FOD17 Panellists

Nwabisa Mayema

Chuks Ojeme, MSc
Griller & Bauer

Arch DI Dr Doris Österreicher
Universität für Bodenkultur Wien

Mag. Hans Stoisser
ECOTEC – Institutionelle Infrastrukturaufbau GmbH

Frontiers of Dialogue pt 3 Panellists

What’s on the agenda?

An engaging dialogue between experts of sustainable business, technology, and Africa in a relaxed setting with an after-work canape.

In order to successfully, expand your market to Africa, you need to understand the business conduct and market demands fully. Those of you who have already attempted trading in Africa: what your business did to be successful in the past might not be ideal in the future. Africa is connected and enlightened today more than ever before.

Together, we’ll learn about the opportunities and challenges of ethics and sustainable business initiatives with focus on the underserved market demands of Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa – particularly in the field of agriculture, education, and training, renewable off-grid energy, finance, consumer goods, manufacturing, and transport.

Frontiers of Dialogue3 Promo

What’s the point?

At this #FOD17 evening, we’ll learn about the opportunities and challenges of ethics and sustainable business initiatives in the developing world.

If you are interested in strengthening your professional Africa-Austria relations, this is a brilliant opportunity to meet intellectual people, exchange views and learn. We may not solve the world’s problems by the end of the evening, but our conversations may be the most inspiring.

The evening will be casual and filled with those sharing a common interest in the sustainable development of Africa to stem migration, create a skilled workforce and reduce the reliance of foreign aid among other matters. We place emphasis on promoting leaders of thought and practice with Africa experience.

About Aphropean Partners2
Sponsors and Partners of Frontiers of Dialogue

Previous topics of #FOD17 Frontiers of Dialogue:

Mastering Disruptive Innovation and Technology (March 2017)
Driving Environmental Performance with Technology (May 2017)

Upcoming topics of #FOD17 Frontiers of Dialogue:

Making Profit and Sense of Sustainable Agriculture  (November 2017)
Corporate Social Responsibility Across Borders (September 2017)


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