At the forefront of Profitable Sustainability

At the forefront of Profitable Sustainability

What is profitable sustainability?

The business of sustainability includes all players from the social entrepreneur providing innovation to the government providing a framework and incentive capital.

Also known as corporate sustainable profitability, CSP revolves around the idea that companies who take responsibility from an economical, environmental and social perspective can become more profitable (Wikipedia).

Committed to promoting sustainable business and commerce.

Aphropean Partners celebrate initiatives of enterprises and entrepreneurs, who successfully combine financial, social and environmental objectives to make an impact.

Together with strategic partners, Rita Isiba sources enterprises and organisations based in the DACH region with a mission to

1) meet social objectives: Businesses adopting social responsibilities extended to employees, the community at home and beyond borders. For example skills development and job creation;

2) meet environmental objectives: Businesses aiming to drive environmental performance, through management systems and technology, such as the prevention or reduction of pollution, noise reduction, etc.;

3) meet financial objectives: Profit and growth maximisation is crucial for businesses to trade and access emerging technology and unique resources in their favour.

Challenge is nothing more than the seed of opportunity

Social entrepreneurs and CSR-driven corporations make money out of solving problems. There appears to be no shortage of social problems, and so the opportunities are almost limitless. Problem-solving is a team sport and requires collaboration from all sectors including private, public and civil societies.

  • Governments and municipalities have the financial means and power to improve ease of business and set the right legal and fiscal framework to allow for impact.
  • Intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations provide capacity building programs and market analysis.
  • Multinational corporations have the resources (human, intelligent, capital, structure) and data to meet development goals.
  • Small-medium enterprises and entrepreneurs tend to be exposed to customers and networks on a grass root level. This enables them to fabricate innovative solution in terms of a disruptive business model, sustainable product or service.

So the principle of profitable sustainability is the collaborative and engaging partnership with all major stakeholders to positively impact profits, people, and the planet for this generation and beyond.

Aphropean Partners acts as an agent for enterprises to promote and help foster collaborations between Africa and Europe for skills development programs, research project cooperation, CSR program opportunities to address Africa’s environmental issues, which are strongly related to social and economic issues. 

Sharing is Caring

Business networks are often more effective than organisations, and so we host the four-part event series #FOD17 Frontiers of Dialogue for entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in Europe exploring sustainable business opportunities in Africa’s emerging markets. A panel of leaders of thought and practice with Africa experience exchange views on matters concerning business, technology and current affairs in the context of profitable sustainability.

Frontiers of Dialogue helps to expand the understanding of the African consumer, their needs and trends. Participants interact and build relations to actively engage on the internationalisation of their business to the top economies of Sub-Saharan Africa.

In complement of the events is Aphropean Views, a weekly newsletter for all subscribers to Aphropean partners. What better way to learn and share the latest trends, ideas, insights and news through #AphropeanViews?