Naomi Morishita, MSc, BSc

Naomi Morishita Naomi Morishita is a doctoral student at the TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute of Construction & Technology, Research Center for Building Physics & Sound Protection.

Her dissertation topic develops vernacular Syrian adobe architecture as a basis for developing energy-efficient transitional post-war housing incorporating recycled rubble. She completed her Master’s of Science at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Wien in Building Science & Technology (2010), and her Bachelor of Architectural Science with a Building Science major at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada (2003).

Ms. Morishita has over seven years of research experience in the fields of sustainable construction and energy-efficient buildings. She has been involved in international and regional interdisciplinary research projects relating to total energy use in buildings, on-site renewable energy production, building greening, energy-efficient construction, and energy-related occupant behaviour. She studied the influence of energy-related occupant behaviour on residential thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort on total residential energy use in summer.

She has given lectures to international professionals and university students about architecture, building physics, and thermal comfort. Since 2014, she has been involved in the curriculum development and organisation of the Green.Building.Solutions international summer university program. She has published in international conferences and peer-reviewed journals and also assists academics at all levels with technical writing in English for publication.

Ms. Morishita’s practical experience includes on-site construction management and architectural design services. She has lived and worked in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Slovakia, and Austria. She speaks English and German fluently, as well as French, Japanese and Slovak. She currently lives in Vienna.