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21 September 2017

4th Frontiers of Dialogue


9 November 2017

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About Frontiers of Dialogue

Frontiers of Dialogue is an engagement event series that sets out to address a broad range of subjects for inspiration and action among the very people who make sustainability a part of their business.

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Ambassador Gitonga stating his case at Frontiers of Dialogue

Business and Technology in Africa

We emphasise promoting everyone with the experience of business and work in Africa to teach us about working ethically. Most importantly, we learn how to win by combining sustainable business, technology and current affairs.

Gain insights

The share of Austrian export to Sub-Saharan Africa is less than 1%, and so far only a few key players do what they can do to bridge business relations with Africa. At Frontiers of Dialogue, we learn from experts who are an incredible source of knowledge to help us avoid the same mistakes they made.

Network among peers

We may not solve the world’s problems by the end of the evening, but Frontiers of Dialogue can trigger inspiring conversations with people with a mutual interest in making sustainability profitable.

Explore sustainable business opportunities

Expanding your CSR initiative to Africa or taking advantage of the underserved sustainability market in the developing countries… You need to explore your options among a network of peers.

Promote sustainability solutions

There are some things best to explore offline in favour of aligning sustainability with your export marketing strategy, corporate communications, stakeholder relations, business development and  cross-cultural business conduct.

Along with the opportunities, the Frontiers of Dialogue event series also addresses challenges that come with globalisation and  deals with misconceptions on doing business in Africa other.

The relaxed evening can reveal unexpected opportunities for partnerships, client leads, speaking gigs and joint ventures.

If you recognise the immense benefits of understanding the business affairs and culture driving Africa’s economy, then this evening of conversation may come handy to you.

Particularly, if either:

– You provide sustainable goods and/or products

– You are in charge of research and development (R&D), Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Sustainability, Knowledge Management

– You have a vested interest in the emerging markets of Africa


Sustainable Business
Current Affairs


The Format

The format of Frontiers of Dialogue is pretty straightforward:

18:00 Grab refreshments, settle in and learn someone new.

18:30 Kick off the dialogue including the audience for 90-minutes.

20:00  Following evening refreshments, take away expert perspectives, fresh ideas and new connections

Do not worry about running a bit late or disturbing the talks. Just grab a drink and join in.

This is a great chance to meet your peers, share ideas and learn from the community of sustainability, technology and Africa-EU business relations.

Looking forward to the upcoming event!
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