DI. Festus O. Imarhiagbe

DI. Festus O. Imarhiagbe

Festus Imarhiagbe is an Agricultural Consultant and Agribusiness expert. He studied Agricultural Economics, Farm Production and Management at the University of Agriculture, Vienna in Austria.

He is the founder of Fesima Agro Consultancy, an advisor on agronomy as well as farm management and guest lecturer at the College of Agriculture and Sustainable Development at Cuttington University, Suakoko in Liberia.

From 2015 to 2017, Festus went to support as a project team leader in farm management the Cuttington University in Liberia under the sponsorship of USAID,  and subsidy department of agricultural marketing board (AMA) of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

Key qualification in Agricultural economics, farm production and resource management; personal/team leadership management and counselling

He is specialised in plant biology, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, new agricultural-based products and commercialization of new crops (Agribusiness development); Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise, Value Chain Analysis in Commercial Agriculture and in agricultural marketing, quality production and sustainability.

Festus is also involved in animal feeds formulation, preservation and conservation; new applications of plants for food, flavour, fragrances, health and nutrition, dietary supplements, natural plant products and herbs.

He serves in educational institutions and as a co-worker in several farmers supports projects across West Africa¸and is currently involved in steering initiatives which seek to enhance economic opportunities including the establishment of the Agricultural Training Center (ATC) in Bong County, Liberia.