Aphropean Partners provides knowledge brokerage solutions to enterprises with a vested interest in Africa’s emerging market and its opportunities.

Based in Vienna, Aphropean Partners is an evolving start-up, originally founded in 2016 from the need for promoting the efforts of sustainable oriented enterprises based in Europe to engaging companies in pursuit of sustainability solutions demanded by Africa’s emerging markets.  

Aphropean Partners works with a wide range of clients from social entrepreneurial start-ups and multinational corporations to government agencies.

Who we are

As the name indicates, Aphropean Partners is a link between both, African and European countries to inspire and support trade activities with a focus on sustainable development in both regions.

Bridging the gap between Africa and Europe’s sustainability market. 

Established by Rita Isiba as a knowledge brokerage platform, Aphropean Partners exists to foster a networking culture of EU-Africa partnerships to promote sustainable business opportunities and assess barriers to Africa’s emerging markets. One of the important ways we stay relevant on current affairs, fast-evolving industry and cutting edge technology is through our Advisory Council.

Learn more about the Aphropean Partners Council here.

Aphropean Partners is a member of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce and African diaspora organisations. Among our cooperation partners and alliances are the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Austria),  Knowledge Management Associates (KMA), the University of Vienna and its Global African Diaspora Diaspora (GADS) Research Platform and Kenyan In Diaspora Austria Organisation, and Nigerian In Diaspora Organisation.

Learn more about the Aphropean Partner Alliance here.

Rita Isiba Founder Aphropean Partners

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Sebastian Florczyk Aphropean Partners

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Rita Isiba

Founder and Chief Engagement Officer

Rita Isiba is an Austrian of Nigerian origin based in Vienna, London and Abuja. She has more than ten years experience in marketing and operations management with leading international institutions and enterprises.

As a sustainability influencer, she creates, shares and uses her knowledge of business, technology and EU-Africa current affairs to provide market insights for evidence-informed decision making.

Rita’s greatest contribution comes from partnering with sustainably oriented experts to promote their solutions and inspire businesses to meet the demands of Africa’s underserved markets.

Given that Rita has made profitable sustainability solutions her focal point for accessing the emerging markets of Africa, she provides business development support to mobilise intercontinental trade, communication advisory to strategically engage stakeholders and facilitate joint market analysis to identify trends as well as opportunities.

Certified in Business Consulting, Knowledge Management, Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution, Equality & Diversity, Rita Isiba holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and European Studies from University of Hertfordshire, a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Edinburgh Business School. She speaks fluent English and German.

Specialities: Sustainability, International Development, Corporate Responsibility, Stakeholder Engagement, Demand Generation, Project Management, Strategic and Scenario Planning.

Eva Westhauser

Partner Relations and Business Development Manager 

Eva Westhauser is a business consultant and International project manager based in Vienna, Austria.  In the past, she applied her expertise in executing marketing and sales strategy for the pharmaceutical industry.

As a partner and consultant of the Institute of Entrepreneurship (IoE), Eva brings valuable knowledge and contributes to the business development activities of Aphropean Partners. Her wealth of management experience will help forge partnerships with stakeholders to carry out our mission.

Eva has a Bachelor degree in Commercial Sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and is certified to trade pharmaceutical goods on wholesale.

In her personal time, Eva volunteers her expertise to multiple civil societies and acts as an instructor at the Austrian Sports Union. She speaks fluent German and English.

More info about Eva on westhauser.at

Specialities: Start-Ups, Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Product Management.

Sebastian Florczyk

Events and Logistics Manager 

Sebastian Florczyk is Austrian of Polish origin based in Vienna. He is an experienced multi-media marketing specialist with a penchant for strategy, monitoring and evaluation.

Working on a number of projects involving photography, graphic design, film production and direction, Sebastian channels his creative and innovative spirit in the management of events, marketing planning and execution.

Sebastian’s greatest contribution comes from supervising the events operation and managing the marketing plan to help promote sustainable solutions and inspire businesses based in Europe to meet the demands of Africa’s underserved markets.

Certified in Video Production, Sebastian Florczyk is working towards a degree in Business Administration at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. He speaks fluent German, English and Polish.

Specialities: Events Management, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Video Production.

What we do for you

As the name indicates, Aphropean Partners inspires and enables the collaboration of different sectors in both Africa and Europe to provide technical know-how, market insights and research for evidence-informed decision making.

We shape the commercial narrative to attract the lucrative business of sustainability in Africa’s emerging markets.

Aphropean Views

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Frontiers of Dialogue

Event series hashtagged #FOD17
Held in Vienna to foster networking, showcase insights and promote sustainability solutions that drive business development, meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirements and address development goals with a focus on Africa’s emerging markets.
Past and upcoming events.

Knowledge Brokerage Activities

Deliver insight, inspiration and development to entrepreneurs, enterprises and institutions in Africa and Europe. The expertise of Aphropean Partners is founded on more than 10 years experience in the field of:

Market Research and Analysis

Collect facts, figures and opinions about a wide variety of subjects involving sustainable business, technology and current affairs for global brand tracking studies, feasibility studies and environmental analysis.

Sustainability Communications

Help articulate the corporate narrative to effectively communicate the message and benefits relevant to stakeholders.

Stakeholder Relations

Formulate and execute strategies for stakeholder engagements by building relationships and fostering collaborations across Africa and Europe.

Business Development

Enable business access to Africa by market evaluation, sales development as well as due diligence of local partners and suppliers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

 Assist with the formulation of CSR programmes to address social, labour and environmental issues. 

Countries in Focus

Austria, Finland, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, United Kingdom