Aphropean Partners Focal PointsAs the name conveys, Aphropean Partners sets out to inspire and enable people for better understanding, improved decision making, and public engagement between Africa, its Diaspora, and Europe:

Aphropean Views 

Strategic Social Outreach
Information, insights, and commentary on sustainable business, technology, and Africa-EU affairs.

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Frontiers of Dialogue

Engagement Event Series
Engage sustainability agents, development professionals and enterprises to connect, discuss, learn and remain relevant on current business affairs in the emerging markets of Africa.

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Business Development 

Business linkage promotion
Marketing, training and technical assistance.


RITA ISIBANurturing understanding and collaboration between the sustainability markets of Africa and Europe are at the forefront of my actions. So, I established Aphropean Partners from the need to inspire and enable business and development in Africa.

Given that I have made profitable sustainability solutions my focal point, I work with strategic partners to develop, implement and promote educational programs and business linkage promotion.

I am the former general secretary of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Europe, consultant to the Diaspora Innovation Institute, member of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce, member of the Public Affairs Network, and on the board member of ConscienceMatter.org.

Certified in Business Consulting, Knowledge Management, Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution, Equality & Diversity, I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and European Studies from University of Hertfordshire,  Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Edinburgh Business School. I am trilingual in English, German and Yoruba.


Eva Westhauser

Eva Westhauser is a business consultant and International project manager based in Vienna, Austria.  In the past, she applied her expertise in executing marketing and sales strategy for the pharmaceutical industry.

As a partner and consultant of the Institute of Entrepreneurship (IoE), Eva brings valuable knowledge and contributes to the business development activities of Aphropean Partners. Her wealth of management experience will help forge partnerships with stakeholders to carry out our mission.

Eva has a Bachelor degree in Commercial Sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and is certified to trade pharmaceutical goods on wholesale. She speaks fluent German and English.

Samuel Ogunfojuri

Samuel Ogunfojuri is Austrian of Nigerian origin currently based in London, UK. He is an aspiring international marketing communication specialist with demonstrable skills in negotiating and influencing.

In tune with the latest trends of the Millennials and Generation Z market, he volunteers his talents in partnership development and marketing strategy to Aphropean Partners. Particularly keen of the entertainment industry, Samuel supports numerous artists with their marketing strategy and is an advertisement model in his spare time. Samuel Ogunfojuri is working towards a bachelors degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications at the University of Greenwich. He is trilingual in German, English, and Yoruba.

Sebastian Florczyk

Sebastian Florczyk is Austrian of Polish origin based in Vienna. He is an experienced multi-media marketing specialist with a penchant for strategy, monitoring, and evaluation.

Working on a number of projects involving photography, graphic design, film production and direction, Sebastian channels his creative spirit in event management.

Sebastian’s greatest contribution comes from supervising the events operation and managing the marketing plan to help promote sustainable solutions. Certified in Video Production, Sebastian Florczyk studies Business Administration at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. He speaks fluent German, English, and Polish.

Anneleen van Uffeleen

Anneleen is a talented linguist speaking seven (!) languages including German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Spanish.

She is a creative thinker and is volunteering her talents to Aphropean Partners on diverse projects involving partnership and business development. Also, Anneleen is part of the Regional Academy of the United Nations program (RAUN). Passionate about women empowerment, Anneleen supports the RAUN program for the UNODC about the role of women in the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism.

Anneleen van Uffelen obtained a bachelor’s degree in Romance languages, culture, media studies, linguistics, and literature.



Together with strategic partners, we produce engagement programs to increase awareness and encourage sustainability orientated agents to relate with Austria, Africa, and its Diaspora.

Our business is to enhance understanding, to improve the performance of reputation, to position brands, engage stakeholders and carry out interactive learning programs.

In the interest of internationalisation and its effects, we facilitate the exchange of information and insights for business & development.

We strive for unity of interests through online and offline engagements to promote insights for inspiration on sustainable business, technology, and current affairs.

One of the important ways we stay relevant on current affairs, fast-evolving industry and cutting edge technology is through our Advisory Council.

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Aphropean Partners is a member of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce and African diaspora organisations. Among our cooperation partners and alliances are the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE Austria),  Knowledge Management Associates (KMA), the University of Vienna and its Global African Diaspora Diaspora (GADS) Research Platform and Kenyan In Diaspora Austria Organisation, and Nigerian In Diaspora Organisation.

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